Ortec Environment Services offers industrial cleaning on customer sites. Our techniques and processes are adapted to the specific requirements of each industry. Techniques and processes adapted to the specificities of each customer, industrial or public authority, ensure the reliability and performance of their installations. Personnel safety and secure units are the top priority of our field teams. Our solutions promise cost control, limited downtown and environmental compliance on our customer sites.

Pumping and cleaning

Our teams operate in a broad range of contexts (natural areas, pits, basins, tanks) to pump liquid or solid material and clean, whether for emergency interventions or for prevention and maintenance. They use a range of highly efficient trucks that pose no threat to the environment, employees or customers.

Factory shutdowns

We support industrial companies in the fundamental operating phase of their site: regulatory shutdowns. The way we schedule, manage and clean their facilities enables them to uphold the highest performance and safety of their installations. Our expertise allows us to optimize downtime and thus limit the duration of production interruptions.

Basin cleaning

We provide cleaning services for different types of basins in a range of materials and according to a method that safeguards the environment and our operators. Automated, mechanized techniques, thermal circulation reduce direct exposure to staff, who are trained to operate in sensitive environments.

Solid phase separation

We propose a comprehensive range of services to our customers such as pumping and dehydration, etc. for tailored solid phase separation that responds perfectly to their specific requirements as well as environmental issues. We gather an in-depth understanding and analysis of each customer’s specific context before proposing a solution. We work to recover reusable materials and dispose of them in specialized channels.

Pre-commissioning services

We have a broad portfolio of solutions designed to clean and evacuate residual material before our customers’ sites are commissioned. In this way, in compliance with environmental standards, we play a role in the pre-commissioning of treatment facilities and thus to project success thanks to tried-and-true technologies and chemical solutions.

On-site services

Our knowledge of industrial ecosystems and security challenges enables us to offer many services on customers’ sites. We administrate, manage and supervise various types of services, including cleaning and maintenance and the management and treatment of waste, oily residues, etc. We strive for optimal customer relations and peace of mind for us and them.


Our team is at your disposal to accompany you and find a solution anywhere in Canada. Contact the agency closest to your industrial sites and our teams will intervene on your project.

High pressure water jetting

We use hydrocleaning equipment and touch free technologies to perform high pressure cleaning and maintenance operations for our customers’ installations, whether it’s heat exchangers, towers, pipelines or even those that are the most difficult to access. Whatever the system, safety and security are always at the core of our services. We take a sensible approach to the way we manage natural resources, especially water.

Pond cleaning

Our cutting-edge remote controlled pumping equipment removes sludge and other residues at a rate of up to 10,000 m3/hour from all types of surfaces and ponds, in optimal safety and environmental conditions. Our experienced teams work alongside customers to gain the best understanding of their installations and determine the right solution tailored to their specific constraints.

Vacuuming of dust and ashes

We deploy dry material extraction processes necessary for the proper operation of the facilities. Our state-of-the-art technologies ensure efficient management of ash ponds and storage silos, enabling our customers to comply with current safety and environmental regulations.

Cutting with very high pressure water

We cut different materials such as steel, concrete, etc. and structures using a high pressure water jet with abrasives for customers who need very high-precision cutting. Automated and remotely controlled, this industrial tool cuts faster and safer than thermal or mechanical cutting, notably in instable environments.


We carry out trenches by non-destructive methods with aspiration of earth or sand. These services allow us to guarantee the safety of our employees and to maintain the integrity of the infrastructures and buried networks.

Chemical cleaning

Our experience in the reactive and non-reactive chemical cleaning of industrial process equipment currently makes us the trusted one-stop shop for industrial companies. From diagnosis to waste treatment, we find the best match between our solutions and customer needs. And if required, we deploy a mobile laboratory to provide on-site analysis and monitoring, making sure we deliver services that comply with environmental and safety standards.


We develop a global, technical and environmentally friendly solution to service and maintain sewers and storm drains for local authorities and industrial players. Our trained teams meet the highest levels of excellence to provide a comprehensive range of services that cover all our customer needs, including inspection, cleaning and remediation.