About us

Ortec Group

As an integrator of engineering and construction solutions across 24 countries, Ortec supports industrial companies over the entire life cycle of their projects. Whether for design, realization or maintenance, Ortec proposes solutions structured around: Engineering, Contracting and Global Services.

Drawing on its technical expertise and the synergy between its different areas of know-how, the Group is an actor in a wide range of markets: Oil & Gas, Mining, Government & Local Authorities, Nuclear, Aeronautics & Aerospace, Defence, Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals, Heavy Industries, Automotive, Railway and Food Processing.

Our values

Ortec is more than a trusted partner committed to industry performance. We owe our success to the men and women that constitute our Group. These experts within their own fields all share the common aim to push back industrial limits and the same ‘Made in Ortec’ values:

Safety & Security

Safety is Ortec’s top priority, both for personnel and its customers’ sites. It is at the core of each project our teams work on, always underpinned by the same “zero accidents” goal. Ortec employees are true ambassadors to the Group’s culture of Safety on customer sites.


In 2008, Ortec created its elite body, the Casques d’Or. It brings together employees who are experts in their field, and also recognized for their professionalism, drive, commitment, strong ties to the Group and desire to pass on their skills.


Because Ortec’s vision for its development embraces the notions of well-being and solidarity, the Group supports its employees through the vicissitudes of life. The men and women at Ortec also work together on human-centric projects with a focus on mutual support.

Audacity & Ingenuity

Innovation drives the everyday ingenuity of our teams, with and on the behalf of industrial players. Dantech, our technical innovation centre, embodies our R&D culture, as does Innov’O, our initiative to encourage innovation open to all Group employees.

Control & Precision

At Ortec, our enthusiasm for the jobs we do and our desire to continually rise to customers’ evolving expectations shape our commitment and standard of excellence in terms of training, organization and cost-efficiency. One of the Group’s greatest assets is its approach to training and developing the expertise of its employees.


Because professionalism is central to everything we do at Ortec, mutual trust flourishes and grows among our employees and our customers. We are building the future based on that trust, with a focus on dialogue, an ability to listen, ethics and continual efforts to bring new members to our teams. Ortec respects the laws and regulations, everywhere and in all circumstances. This commitment guarantees the sustainability of the Group's activities.


We strive to be a full-fledged corporate citizen committed to societal and environmental challenges. That’s why our business plan goes hand in hand with ethics and responsibility. Our projects are held to carbon footprint goals and we look to help our customers rise to those challenges.

They bring boldness, expert skill, entrepreneurship and a collaborative spirit to what we do, while staying ahead of industrial developments in a constant drive for innovation to imagine tomorrow’s solutions.